It seems like each school year we make a few changes somewhere along the line. This year as we wrap up our second term & look ahead at purchasing curriculum for the new year we’ve discovered a few changes we’ll be making.
The majority of things will stay the same, but Jayden will be easing into the Hearts Of Dakota Resurrection to Reformation. He’s not really thriving with our current curriculum choice & I’d like to see him do more then survive. This boy thrives on non-fiction books, fact filled fun reads. He finds it delightful to curl up with the encyclopedia & spend ages reading away in it.

As I was looking ahead to the new year & the various other curriculums available I found myself on the HOD website & wouldn’t you know that was the same day our catalog arrived. Jayden & I sat down & compared the two curriculums he could choose from to use in the new year. He admitted that he doesn’t enjoy Sonlight or Bookshark because of all the fictional stories {which the rest of us love}, but he was scared of a change for fear of finding himself in something else he didn’t like.

I really appreciated his honestly & the mature side he showed in this situation. He took 24 hours to think it over & I spent that time reading up on the curriculum & praying about the choice ahead to be made. And just like that, the decision was made to switch.

There’s a small bit of an overlap between where he is & the programme he’d move into, so rather then stress about that we’ll pick the programme that picks up where he currently left off & begin it when it arrives. Rather than stress over finishing it between then & the end of our year, we’ll just take our time with it.

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