We all want to save money, but it may seem impossible when you have a low income. However, I believe we can still save if we are persistent about it.
Use this money-saving tips:

Avoid accumulating debt.  In order to save more money, you have to prioritize your debt. Start paying off the ones with high interest first, specifically personal loans, or credit cards.

The traditional method is to put all of your loose change into a jar.  Every once in a while deposit the money in your savings account.

Try to set aside a certain amount of money every month for your savings. Others have been doing this, but it needs self- discipline.

Spend less on entertainment.  Many people spend a lot of their income in entertainment, but this is the most controllable and the simplest way to cut down expenses.  Instead of dropping at expensive bars or restaurant with your family and friends, try the low-cost get-together.   
Stay out of the restaurants.  Eating out occasionally is ok, but, if it is a regular habit this will add up quickly. Restaurant food costs are at least 4x higher than the homemade meals,
Plan of your shopping ahead of time, use a written budget.  Don’t be impulsive, or buy just because you like it. 
Plan your meals.  Planning meals ahead of time allows you to better plan your grocery list.
Assess your subscription services.  Cancel anything you don’t use enough to worth cost.  In a high-speed internet, an easy thing to eliminate is the cable television, or getting rid of your landline.  Downgrading may be an option.  Try also to consult with your current provider for a lower rate or new offers.
Ditch your car.  Walking or riding a bike while going to the store or to work will help you save gas to save money.  You also benefit by getting more exercise.
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