As the children grow, they learn to climb and even to open things. What will you do to make keep your babies safe and out of injuries?


Here Are Some Tips:


Keep the cribs clear of objects everytime the babies are sleeping.

use safety guards across entries of the stairs.

Lock windows or install window guards so they won’t fall out the window.

Install a smoke alarm in your home, or in the rooms where they sleep with door closed.

Develop a home fire escape plan, with two ways out of the house.

Give them your full supervision when the are around water.

Store medicines, chemicals and other toxic products out of reach and away from them.

For electrical safety use power point covers and install safety swithches.


Along with supervision and safe environment, you can also teach your kids about what are safe and unsafe.

For more information on child safety, you may contact the Child Safety centers near your place.

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