An idiom is an expression or a group of words whose meaning is something quite different from the individual words it contains.

Find out the common idioms and their meanings which you can use in your daily life.

 1.  A hard nut to crack
     –  a difficult situation or problem
 2.  A heart of gold 
     –  very kind, generous, helpful; a good person
 3.  A penny for your thoughts 
      –  the way of asking someone what they are thinking about
 4.  A sweet tooth
      –  likes to eat sweet foods
 5.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder
     –  distance makes us realize the absence of others
 6.  Against the clock
     –  doing something in a rush or short time
 7.  Catch red-handed
     –  to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong
 8.  Face your demons
     –  one must confront or fight their fears
 9.  Go the extra mile
     –  going all the way to get it done
10.  Has a good head on his shoulders
      –  a person is very sensible, intelligent, think well; someone who can be depended on to give a good  advice 
11.  Has eyes in the back of his head
       –  knows everything that is happening
12.  Have your hands full
       –  you are very busy, you are preoccupied doing something
13.  Hold your horse
       –  to have patience
14.  Hit the sack
      –  go to bed very tired
15.  Match made in heaven
      –  a relationship in which the two people are great together
16.  New kid on the block
      –  someone who is new to a group or place
17.  Rainy cats and dogs
      –  raining heavily
18.  The best of both worlds
      –  you can enjoy two different opportunities at the same time
19.  To feel under the weather
      –  feeling unwell or sick
20.  To get into hot water
      –  to get into trouble
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