If you are looking for ways to support your child’s learning or you need something extra to add to your homeschooling curriculum, I have found a wonderful resource for you from The Sunshine Collective called Brilliant Box. The Sunshine Collective is run by two busy Australian mums who were looking for ways in which they could support their own children’s learning while using real-life, practical, screen-free, everyday learning experiences. So let me tell you more about Brilliant Box.
Erin and Lisa have created a range of Brilliant Boxes for students from foundation/kindergarten level to grade 6. Each box comes delivered to you door with everything you need in it. The boxes contain 14 educational activities that are linked to the Australian Curriculum.
My little Miss 5 was excited to open up her foundation/prep box (picture above) to find pom poms and counters. This little pom pom game (pictured below) was all about counting at a foundation level with the added benefit of building fine motor skills in the process.
The foundation box, like every box, contains parent information cards (pictured below) which is very easy to follow and helps parents support their child with each of the fourteen activities in the box. The activities in the foundation to year 2 boxes, contain seven math focused activities and seven English activities. However in the level 3 to 6 boxes, there are five math and five English activities as well as four activities on curriculum themes such as history, science, arts and more. Each box comes with some worksheets, game boards, cards and any other addition material that is needed for these activities.
Even though each box is aimed at supporting the Australian Curriculum for that level, each activity can be easily adapted to suit your child. For example, this game (pictured below) called Bag of Numbers from the foundation level box, gave the option of using numbers to one hundred however, Miss 5 is not up to that stage in her learning yet so I adapted the activity to focus on the numbers that she knew and worked up from there.

The Sunshine Collective have only one Preschool Brilliant Box and are looking to expand this collection next year. However, for each primary school level, there are 10 Brilliant Boxes that are sent out across the year each with different learning activities in them such as the time activity below (from level 1 Brilliant Box). 

There are three different ways to purchase Brilliant Boxes:

  • One-off Box for $30 – You have the option of selecting any box and level that you would like to try.
  • Two Term/6 Month Subscription for $140 – This subscription is a two term subscription that gives you 5 boxes (two boxes per term) and a review box. This subscription can be used in term 1 and 2 with a mid year revision box or used for term 3 and 4 with an end of year revision box.
  • 12 month Subscription for $280 – This subscription gives you ten boxes with two boxes per term plus a mid and end of year revision boxes. This subscription also gives you a bonus quarterly newsletters for parents with additional activities and articles. With this subscription you have the choice to pay either full subscription or in quarterly installments of $70 every three months for 12 months.
If you would like to know more about the Brilliant Box, you can follow the link to their website.
The Sunshine Collective gave me three Brilliant Boxes in exchange for this post while all thoughts and ideas expressed here are my own.
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