Aussiehomeschool Christmas

It’s Christmas.

The shops are bursting at the seams with presents and music and cheer. There are Christmas lights decorating houses, carols in the park, trees, presents, food and more! But let us look deeper. Let us look further than food, fun, culture and commerce.

As you wrap and unwrap gifts this year remember that Christmas time is wrapped up with the swaddling cloth of a helpless baby born to an obscure family, in the quiet of the night over 2000 years ago. This one birth has impacted the world in a huge way and is a marker for world history.

It is true – Children need our presence more than they need presents.

The power of Christmas is the sheer reality of God entering our world, walking with us, talking with us, experiencing life as we do with all its joys and limitations. Christmas brings joy because God has come to us, in Jesus Christ. Jesus came to be peace for us. Include Him in your Christmas plans, your family events. Allow Him to still you heart and focus on Him and your family.

The AussieHomeschool team would like to thank all members for their valuable contribution to the site. We wish you health, wellness, joy and peace.

If you are traveling during the Christmas holidays, it is our prayer that you will be kept safe. If you are fellowshipping with family and friends, may you continue to remember Jesus and honour Him. For those that are struggling, are hurting or are alone – we hope that you will reach out to someone and share your need, allowing others to help and support you. We continue to keep the forums open all throughout the festive and holiday season for those that are hurting or or alone at this time.


He is Peace, let Him in.

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