Brittany Stinson was recently accepted into 6 Ivy League schools. That includes Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Stanford. (No Harvard, MIT) The senior at Concord High School in Wilmington, Delaware, received this after writing a college application essay about Costco. Her essay went viral this week.

My question for this young lass is whether she is a demographic of fortune spurred by the flagging state of college applications, or does she have the a super diverse ethnicity, or is it really by the strength of her literary prowess that has sparked what would seem to be an eye-catching anomaly in Ivy League admissions.

I’ve read the essay. It’s good. And it’s probably complemented with decent academic results thus allowing her entry. This surely irks the masses of hardworking, high achieving students who must be puzzled on how this was possible. It probably amuses the well-heeled and wealthy students who gain entry through other means.

Whatever the case, I say “Good on you Brittany”, and this is simply the start of your journey of leveraging the unique, diverse and real skills of a grounded existence. This is the real foundation that children need to build upon. It’s also a view of the future of the world where super specialised, unique, diverse skills will be needed to power the next economic revival.



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