Lesson Plan
Geography is important as a child begins to explore beyond their room, their home, their city, their world. Expanding a child’s knowledge of places is good for social intelligence and general knowledge.

  • Look at a global map or a globe. (You can get free maps at travel agencies and airlines)
  • Ask a student to identify Continents, Countries, and Capital cities
  • Write these as a list on a sheet of paper
  • Discuss family & friends in the context of where they live globally
  • Discuss common manufactured food products highlight where they are made

Geography is learnt over iterations of map investigation, reading and curiosity. The global news often will discuss places.

If you can afford to bring a child to these location, its best to allow a child to organise an itinerary.

Estimated Lesson Time

  • 30mins


Prior Learning

  • Lesson Plan: Reading

Next Lessons

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