Lesson Plan
Spelling is the written representation of words. These words are often in memory after having read them. To spell is train the mind to formulate what it often already knows. Writing is often the best way to practice spelling.

  • Print a list of words. Use 1-2 character words are for starters. Print these words in clear large friendly fonts. Do not overwhelm a child with to many words.
  • Ask the child to write these words on a separate sheet of paper
  • Ask the child to read each word and letter as s/he writes it down

A child is learning to spell subconsciously as s/he practices copying letters from a printed sheet to their own worksheet. Over time, the child remembers the letters, and their combinations.

This is a non-invasive way for children to learn. The educator is not directly involved, and simply prepares materials. The child learns by themselves as they independently perform an activity using the prepared materials.

Estimated Lesson Time

  • 45mins


  • Word List, Paper, Pencil
  • PeakWiki – for Spelling Basics word lists

Prior Learning

  • Lesson Plan: Writing

Next Lessons

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