Lesson Plan
Collecting information can be exciting for children. Show them a pre-made questionnaire (about 4 questions) and ask them the questions to fill it in.  A sample questionnaire could be about their daily routine, or foods they like to eat.

  • Fill in a pre-made questionnaire ( 4 questions). This can be fun as a child thinks through the questions
  • Consider making a new questionnaire on the same topic. Think about questions and answer/options can be fun. Consider the potential survey takers (among friends and family) to help suggest possible answers. 4-5 participants should be sufficient.
  • Distribute surveys to participants to fill them out. Or fill them out on behalf of the participants in the interest of time.
  • Collate the responses into a table, and discuss the results.

Taking surveys leads to concepts in statistics, data visualisation and data analysis. This may look complex, but for 7-9 year olds are already thinking about “who does what” in their own social circles. Formalising these thoughts into a questionnaire, socialising questions can be very exciting.

Developing the survey is an activity in itself as a child thinks through questions and writes them down. They may have to write 4-5 copies of the survey if you don’t have a photocopier at home or in class.

Estimated Lesson Time

  • 45mins


  • Paper, Pencils, Pens
  • PeakWiki – for sample surveys

Prior Learning

  • Lesson Plan: Writing

Next Lessons

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