Lesson Plan
Explore the concept of matter by having a variety of objects to touch. Explore Solid, Liquid and Gaseous objects.

  • Prepare solid objects like wooden blocks, kitchen utensils, toys etc…
  • Prepare liquid objects like a cup of water, oil, juice etc…
  • Prepare a balloon filled with air, or use a handheld fan to demonstrate moving gases. Smelling perfume in the air can demonstrate the medium.

Involve the child senses to explore the objects.

Consult a medical specialist should a child have sensory difficulties. Be cautious as perfume may irritate children.

Estimated Lesson Time

  • 5-30 mins


  • Common household objects, toys, cup of water/oil/juice, balloon, perfume.

Prior Learning

  • No prior activities needed.

Next Lesson

  • Lesson Plan: Solids
  • Lesson Plan: Liquids
  • Lesson Plan: Gases
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