Lesson Plan
Babies and toddlers (<1 year) can be stimulated using sounds, colours, textures. Exposing children to sensory information is best done by self-exploration. Some children (e.g. like the only child or the first child) may need encouragement by demonstration. Playgroups are useful for early learning as a child may learn by observing other children.

  • Join a local playgroup
  • Provide a suite of small, safe instruments like bells, shakers, drums

Babies and Toddlers need regular naps. Such activities shouldn’t take very long. Stimulation of a baby would typically occur after feeding.

Its important to direct playtime, co-ordinating it with sleeptime. Consult a medical specialist should a child have sensory difficulties.

Estimated Lesson Time

  • 5-20 mins


  • Bells, Drums, Shakers

Prior Learning

  • No prior activities needed.

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