1. I don’t have a middle name.
  2. I believe in past lives.
  3. I love to sleep. But I hate going to sleep.
  4. My current favourite colour is yellow.
  5. I never knew that I wanted to be a mother.
  6. Until one day I looked at Brian while we washed the dishes in our little cottage and then I knew.
  7. I dreamt about Hannah loooong before she was conceived. She looks exactly like she did in my dream. Exactly.
  8. I knew Blake was a boy and I was buying clothes for him at 8 weeks pregnant because I was that convinced. When we were told at our ultrasound that he was a girl I was surprised. I wasn’t surprised however, when I gave birth to him and found out that he is in fact a boy.
  9. Daisy called to me before we conceived her. Her name followed me around. When we saw that pregnancy test Brian said immediately, “Our little Daisy is on her way.”
  10. I loved giving birth. Every time. *
  11. I believe in numbers. 11 is a portal number. Google it.
  12. I’ve been the same size since I was 15. Even after 3 pregnancies. It actually gets a bit depressing, I would love to have curves.
  13. This is my favourite number.
  14. I lived through a war. I am still processing how that has effected the rest of my life. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I know it has contributed to my Anxiety. Anxiety sucks.
  15. I love black and white photographs. So much. Those family photographs are what made me want to learn photography  in the first place.
  16. I love eating out. I hate cooking. I’m starting to think these two facts correlate in some way.
  17. I didn’t get my licence until I was 20. I wanted to feel like I could safely drive on the road with thousands of other crazy people. On the day of my driving test, we’d been driving for 10 minutes, I had done one manoeuvre, and we were stopped at a light. As my light turned green a pedestrian 100m in front of us was hit by a car. My driving instructor and I just stayed at the light open-mouthed and missed the green (people went to the pedestrians aid, they were okay). He told me to drive back to the testing centre, and passed me straight away and told me to go home. Lucky for him I am actually a good driver!
  18. I have a really good memory.
  19. I’ve now known Brian for half my life. He’s my best friend, my teacher and the only person who truly knows me the way every person wants to be known. I’m infinitely grateful that my wish came true and that nice boy moved in across the road.
  20. I love music. I love anything with a guy and an acoustic guitar. I’m listening to James Bay as I write this. If I could bring Jeff Buckley back to Earth to play Hallelujah I would.
  21. I have a degree in Human Service majoring in Youth Work. I’ve never actually done any paid work in this field but I’ve done a ton of volunteering through my uni years. Most people in high school thought I would become a counsellor.
  22. I’m a creative person. I had no idea that I was until recently. School sucked the creative right out of me. I had to find that spark again.
  23. I have ALWAYS been different. I have ALWAYS made choices that seem to go against the tide. I haven’t done this to rebel – quite the opposite – they’re just choices that feel good to me.
  24. I can read tarot cards and interpret dreams for people. I have predicted future events accurately. I can channel spiritual guidance.  I actually have a lot of skills in this realm that I am still a bit scared to explore.
  25. I love reading. My dad influenced a lot of what I read, so I began reading autobiographies, self-help and inspirational books as a teenager. They’re still my favourite books to read and buy.
  26. My birthday gift to myself is a tattoo that I had done just a couple of weeks ago. I’m totally and completely in love with it, and can now understand why people cover their entire body with art.
  27. I’ve always felt an affinity to France and one day I would love to live there, learn French and soak up the sublime provincial lifestyle with weekend trips to Paris. Every time we’ve gone overseas I’ve made sure we’ve somehow managed to fit in a weekend in Paris.
  28. I don’t run. Not ever.
  29. I plan to live to 111.
  30. I believe in the power of choice. And of JOY.

So this is it. Goodbye to another decade.
I can’t say I didn’t pack in as much as I possibly could into my 20’s – A marriage, three children, four little angels, a degree, two overseas trips, countless camping and road trips, contributing to a beautiful community of mothers and finding life-long friends, starting a blog, finding photography, writing again, going through ups and downs in my marriage, learning to love each other again, learning to love myself, becoming a mother in every sense of that word, finding unschooling, meeting countless people who’s influence has changed my life, appreciating every single sunset I get to see.
Humbled. Grateful. Filled with JOY.

Let’s do this 30. The best is yet to come.

*Okay, okay, you already knew that about me.
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