Parenting is a hard work, especially raising teenagers.  As you child grows into adolescence, it brings plenty of challenges.  Here are some tips for raising teenagers.

1,   Be a role model.  Help them adopt good moral and ethical standards.  They need a reliable role model worthy of their respect.  Parents need to put an equal emphasis on disciplining ourselves.  “Seeing is believing.”     

2.  Give teens some freedom. They need to be allowed to make choices and to experience the consequences of their choices in order to learn personal responsibility and self-discipline. Giving them some freedom is helping them establish their own identity.  But they also still need supervision and guidance to avoid poor choices and mistakes. 

3.  Let them feel guilty when they have done something wrong or have hurt someone.  Let them learn from those mistakes.

4.  Parents should set rules.  Have some discussion about the rules and make sure your teenager understands them.  Explain your reasons for it.

5.  Don’t debate them ever.  They need to know that no means no, particularly when they want to engage in trouble or in behaviors that are dangerous.

6.  Get to know their friends.  If you really want to know what your kid is up to, encourage them to invite their friends into your own home. To know their friends is to know your kids.

7.  Parents should talk to their teenagers. Don’t interrogate.  Start the conversation by sharing what you have been thinking about, a few tidbits about your own day and ask about theirs.  It lets your kids know you care about what’s happening in their lives.  Avoid “The Lecture”, have a conversation.  Parents who lecture are not heard.

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