My son, who is 10 years old, has always loved maths and his enthusiasm has been closely followed by his ability to grasp and understand different maths concepts quickly and easily. Maths is definitely his area of strength which is fantastic as he has dyslexia and struggles with language. Recently I was asked about the different resources we have used to learn about fractions, decimals and percentages so I thought I would share it with you in this post. I have previously written about 10+ ways to play with fractions and have shared hands-on ideas for learning about decimals which includes my free printable cards and decimal place value slider. 

My son is kinesthetic/tactile and visual learner as he learns best when he is using his hands and when he is able to see “the big picture”. So all the resources I’ll share are hands-on and visual as they support my sons learning style. 

One of our favourite resources has been the Fraction Equivalency Pocket Chart. This chart is just fantastic when you start learning about fractions and supports further learning about equivalencies between fractions, decimals and percentages. Each relationally sized card make is easier to see and match the value of each fraction while each card is colour-coded to support independent learning. The number value is on the front side of the cards while the word name is on the reverse side. 

Another great resource that we have used is the Fraction Tower Cubes. These interlocking blocks are a great hands-on resource for matching and comparing fractions. I purchased the Equivalence Tower Cube Set as it came with not only the fractions that are in the Fraction Tower Cubes, but it also has decimals and percentages.

Another resource that is fantastic for comparing fractions, decimals and percentages is the Fraction Modular Flip Book. The flip book uses a visual representation of the fraction/decimal/percentage and allows the learner to focus on one concept at a time or all of them as the book modules can be snapped easily together. 

Games such as bingo are such a great way for learners to apply their understanding and reinforce what they have learnt. The Fractions, Decimal and Percentage Bingo game is fantastic for offering learners practise in recognizing, identifying and converting fractions, decimals and percentages. The game comes with 36 double sided boards that focus on fractions and decimals (orange board below) while other boards (green) focus on fractions, decimals and percents. There is also a Fraction Bingo Game available. 

Converto Fraction to Decimals to Percentage Cards are another fantastic hands-on resource. Each card can be associated with the pictorial reference cards and allows for different games t be played such as Go Fish, Memory/Concentration and Snap! 

There are different versions of Pizza Fractions that are available and this is one of the fun games we have played while learning about fractions. Although this game just focuses on fractions, we adapted it so we could also convert decimals and percentages. You can also find a Magnetic Pizza Fraction Set too.

There are also some fantastic FREE PRINTABLE RESOURCES that can be downloaded and used to learn about fractions, decimals and percentages. Below are links that you can click on to find FREE printable fraction and decimal games that we have used: 

You can find more hands-on learning ideas about fractions, decimals and percentages on my Pinterest board. gifted me the Fraction Module Flip Book in exchange for this blog post. All other resources I have shared here were purchased by me. All ideas and thoughts expressed here are my own. 
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