Learning about People of the World

For the last two years we’ve had a wonderful experience of living in the top end of Australia and seeing the vast cultures that are present among our community. From the diverse cultures of the indigenous Australians to the different Asian and European cultures that live here, it has led the way for my children to develop a respect for diversity, an understanding of cultural differences and a tolerance of others. So here are some of the resources that we’ve used to support their learning about people of the world.
We have previously explored different geography topics such as introducing maps to early learners, learning about world continents, exploring world landmarks as well as exploring latitude and longitude for older learners. So our prior knowledge of different places have been well established. 

To support our discussions and to further encourage an interest in people and cultures of the world, we used our felt world map together with the multicultural hand puppets set A and set B from child.com.au website. These resources have allowed my children to build their knowledge as they role play what we have read about people and cultures as well as what they have seen in their daily lives.
The puppets come in two different sets and are recommended for ages 3+. Multicultural Puppets – Set A has an Indian, Japaneses, Spanish, French, Mexican and Russian puppet who are all dressed in their traditional clothing. Multicultural Puppets – Set B has a British, Arabian, Korean, African, Dutch and Chinese puppet. They are big enough for an adult to use as well for children to play with.

The majority of our learning has been based on questions from my children which has led us into discussions and further reading together to find answers to their questions. There are so many great book that I love to read to my children that talk about different cultures of the world, too many to list.
However, a few of our favourite information books that we keep coming back to read are:

Here are some more book suggestions from other bloggers that are based on learning about people of the world and world cultures.

I have no doubt that my children will continue to learn about people and cultures from around the world for the rest of their lives. I’d like to think that this has given my children a start in appreciating different cultures and developing an understanding that people are still people no matter where they come from in the world, no matter what they look like and no matter how they live.

You can find more learning ideas and resources on my pinterest board, Geography – Cultures & Countries

Child.com.au gifted me the Multicultural Puppet Sets A & B. All ideas and thoughts expressed here are my own.