I have always been a bit of a history nerd and as of lately, my son (9yrs) has been showing an interest in history too hence my previous post on Aboriginal Australians and other Australian history topics. Because we don’t follow a curriculum but rather follow the interest of the learner, I like to have a range of history resources available to my son so he can choose what he is interested in and where he wants to take his learning. Once I started looking, I quickly found that for his age history resources are limited until I came across HistoriCool magazine. Let me tell you all about this incredible history resource and their amazing discount offer for home educators.

I originally came across HistoriCool on their instagram account and was immediately drawn to the concept of a history magazine. So when Lucy, the editorial director of HistoriCool, got in contact with me about reviewing her magazine I jumped at the chance.
HistoriCool is a magazine that targets readers between the age of 8-14 years old with short, historically accurate stories that are not only educational but inspiring and engaging. This magazine covers history not just in Australia but across the world and throughout history. Each new issue, with one released every two month, provides a wealth of knowledge for the young historians while encouraging a love of history. 

Each issue of HistoriCool has an historical theme with short stories, photographs and pictures to accompany each 64 paged issue. As well as a number of interest articles, HistoriCool also looks at ancient artifacts from history, history timelines and makes various connections to the Australian Curriculum. HistoriCool is also available as a digital eMag which is compatible with most computers, tables and ipads.

In each issue, young readers are encouraged to Become a HistoriCool Junior Historian by submitting their own written articles, research reports or another pieces of writing about history to the magazine for printing. What an exciting way to encourage writing and a love of history!

HistoriCool is more than just a magazine of stories as it also features activities and games such a Wordsearch and Spot The Difference. Wordsearches are such a great way to introduce learners to and help them develop a history vocabulary. Sometimes there are crosswords, letter scramble and other fun games you can play. They also have an HistoriCook section which is also fun.

We are mad comic readers in this house which it has a lot to do with the visual aspect of our learning style, so you can imagine my son excite to see comics in HistoriCool. Bernie the Not-So-Bright Historian has a comics in each issue that features his not-so-bright and a little clumsy, recalling of history events and facts. It really gets you laughing. 

HistoriCool also shares a featured section called New On the Bookshelf where you can review the latest historical fiction they have found that would suit readers between ages of 8-14 years and older. There is also a Laugh Out Loud section where they share jokes, a Caption This! section which encourages readers to get involved and a Quiz Time! that has questions based on the stories that the learner has just read (basic comprehension questions).

So now that I’ve told you how awesome HistoriCool magazine is, let me tell you about their fantastic subscription offer for home educators.

A year subscription with HistoriCool will give you six issues of their magazine for a seriously low price of $47.00. Due to the rise in postage and printing costs, HistoriCool is no longer able to offer a $5 discount for homeschoolers however homeschoolers will receive the Teacher Pack for FREE, which is a savings of $35.00 and that’s awesome!! The Teacher Pack comes with every magazine issue and is full of creative ideas, lessons and worksheets that are based on that issue. The Teacher Pack is delivered digitally via your email. 

If you live outside of Australia or would prefer a digital copy, HistoriCool has a package just for you. For $25.00 you are able to purchase a digital subscription of the HistoriCool magazine. In this subscription you will also receive the digital copy of the Teacher Pack and that is a saving of $35.00 which is incredible! 

To take advantage of this amazing offer and get your learners excited about history, click on the image below to take your straight to HistoriCool’s website for more details on this great offer.

This is NOT a sponsored post. HistoriCool gifted me two copies of their magazines plus a copy of their eMag to review. I also received a yearly subscription package. All thoughts and ideas expressed here are my own.
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