My son is a hands-on learner and like most hands-on learners, he loves pulling things apart and sometimes, he will put things back together again. I have shared the ways to support an interest in engineering that we have done as well as putting together our DIY Tinkering Table for different engineering projects. So I’m always looking for different resources that would support my sons interest in engineering and recently, I came across a fantastic resource called ZOOB. 
ZOOB is a open-ended construction set that allows the learner to build, engineer, explore, experiment and create while integrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) through play. ZOOB comes with five types of pieces that snap, click and pop together in five different colours too. The ZOOB pieces can join together in more than twenty different ways and can rotate and lock into more than one hundred different positions. How cool is that!


ZOOB sets come in a range of different sizes from  15-piece sets right up to 500-piece sets. Each set is compatible with the other and each set comes in its own durable, plastic storage tubs.

ZOOB sets come packed with instruction guides that are provided in order to get your imagination started and inspire creativity. The guides also have information on the different connections, how to care for the ZOOB pieces as well as instructions on how to make basic creations. My son use the instructions to make a spinning top.

But the real fun and creativity is in designing and making your own creations! ZOOB has no limits for the different open-ended ways that they can be used. For example, Miss 5 independently made herself a crown that she used during her creative play while Mr 9 constructed his own robot man. Anything is possible.

ZOOB is recommended for ages 6+ as the pieces can be hard to put together for little fingers. Miss 5 had no trouble building with the ZOOB set so it comes down to the individual and how developed their fine motor ability is.

We were kindly gifted this 250 piece ZOOB set from is Australia’s online Education Superstore with thousands of engaging and educational toys for children of all ages. The team at is made up of former teachers and dedicated educational professionals and many of their products can be found in schools, childcare centers and other educational settings, like homeschool, around Australia. The range covers all areas of the Australian curriculum such as literacy, maths, science, art and music as well as supporting interest-led learning. believe in the power of play and have lots of products that nurture exploration, creation, imagination and play.

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This is NOT a sponsored post. gifted us the 250 piece set of ZOOBS in exchange for a review. All thoughts and ideas expressed here are my own.
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