We were kindly gifted the Collage Starter Kit from Clever Patch a few weeks ago and since sharing our independent creativity with clay, my children have been begging me to open the rest of the box. So we unpacked the craft items from Clever Patch and used them to make an invitation to create! 
The Collage Starter Kit comes packed FULL of different craft items that can easily last over a number of different projects and is very reasonably priced. The Collage Starter Kit includes 20x tissue paper sheets, 50x coloured popsticks, 60x corrugated shapes, 100 pompoms, 100x coloured A5 cards, 100 wiggly eyes (10mm), 200 construction paper shapes, 200x foamies, 45g rhinestones, 100g glitter, 100g barrel beads and, last but not least, 100x large sequins. 

I have always approached art as being an expression of the soul, of what you feel and how you see things. We each have our own unique way of expressing and creating art and this is one of the reasons why I encourage independent creativity with my children. So by setting up an invitation to create, it gives the artist the power to express their creativity without limitations.

To start with, I set up the different items from the Collage Starter Kit in easy accessible containers on our outdoor table where my children were free to select and start creating their master pieces. Because this kit has such a diverse range of resources, it gives the artist a variety of objects to work with which is perfect to encourage independent creativity.

I truly believe that all children are born artists each having their own style, design, their own ideas and expressions so it was interesting to watch what items my children chose to use and the different ways they created with each item.

A little crocodile was created by Miss 5 while Miss 4 made a squeaky mouse and Mr 9 made a bee, a square man and a robot lady. While they creating and talking together, my children come up with the idea of making puppets from their creations so they could put on a puppet show. Different ideas were put forward about how to turn their creations into puppets. This collaboration of ideas and thoughts resulted in a lovely set of puppets and a wonderful afternoon of storytelling.

I love how each puppet is different, unique and created to reflect the artist and their expression. This is exactly how art should be created. The Collage Starter Kit supports the independent artists and really encourages little artists to express their creativity. I wonder what my children will make next time when I put out an invitation to create!

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” – Pablo Picasso
This was not a sponsored post. I was gifted the Collage Starter Kit from Clever Patch. All ideas and thoughts expressed here are my own. 
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