Homeschooling High School Blog Hop at Every Bed of Roses 2015

Home Schooling through the High School years is a thought typically framed with fear and anxiety. We have 18 homeschooling mothers who have grouped together in order to lift the veil on homeschooling through the high school years, in order to equip and encourage you. You are more than able to home school your children all the way through to graduation. We invite you to mark your diary and follow along.

Home School High School Topics
Over the next seven months we will be sharing some insights into the following aspects of home educating through the high school years

  • 24 June – Planning for High School {How and When,ways to/how we’re planning to earn college credit while still in high school, Meeting High School Requirements, how to assign credit when there aren’t tests, What records do you keep? How do you present them? What influences your method, your emphasis in certain areas?}
  • 29 July – Electives {Following Passions, following interests, fitting a job in with school, and Being intentional in Preparing for what comes after high school, Life skills.}
  • 26 August – Math, Science, Biology, History {What do you use ? Why do you use … ? What influences your choices/selection? }
  • 30 September – Language Arts {Poetry, Literature, Composition, writing, What influenced your choices/selection?}
  • 28 October – “How am I going to teach High School …?” {Addressing the fear factor of teaching subjects we struggle with or know nothing about, How to achieve credit in subjects your student *hates*}
  • 25 November – How do you fit it all in ? {homeschooling high school alongside homeschooling the others, Fostering Independence, Do you generalise or specialise? Schedules,}
  • 30 December – Graduation { Fostering Independence, How do you know when they are done ?}

Introducing your Home School High School Hosts

We pray that you will be encouraged and inspired to home school your children through the high school years.


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