Australian Homeschool Blog Post Round Up

Recently the Australian Homeschool Bloggers have formed a group and decided to join forces to share their knowledge and insight with you.  Welcome to the first Aussie Homeschool Blog Post Round Up for 2014.

Label Continents Collage

Kylie over at Our World Wide Classroom shares some great ideas for learning about Continents & Oceans along with a FREE Printable for you.

Making Recycled Paper over at We Live We Learn

Sarah from over at We Live We Learn addresses the topic So What is Homeschooling Anyway ? The family also did a Recycled Paper activity and shared a full tutorial on how to make your own Recycled Paper.

chalkboard paint pic blogStacey from over at A Moment in Our World has a tutorial on How to Make your own Chalkboard Paint.

For those of you looking for a visual way to teach Greater Than / Less than and Equals be sure to see this hands on approach with a FREE printable for you.

With Easter being just around the corner you can find a great FREEBIE to download and print about The Easter Story.

Australia Map Printable

For those of you looking for hands on activities be sure to have a look at Suzie’s Home Education Ideas.

Suzy shares 10+ ways to play with Fractions along with tutorials and links to FREE printables.

For those of you studying Australian Geography be sure to get your FREE Australia Map Printable. Suzy has made Australian State/Territory Name Cards, City cards and State/Territory Flag cards, Australian Animal Fact Templates, Australia State / Territory Information Sheets.

Elements Visual

Have you heard about the Visual Periodic Table ?  To see a review and get some insight on how this table can enrich your homeschool visit Visual Periodic Table.

20 000 Leagues under the sea Unit Study

This month I share a Unit Study based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with links to YouTube clips, information to enrich your reading from across the WWW and printalbes.





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