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Space Tango Plans In-Orbit Manufacturing

Space Tango, a Kentucky startup focused on research and manufacturing in microgravity, announced plans Nov. 15 to launch in the mid-2020s an autonomous in-orbit manufacturing facility.

The Best Mars Books for Red Planet Fans

Getting excited about NASA’s InSight lander touching down on Mars? We are, too! Here are some of the best books for young and old to read up about the Red Planet.

The Unconditioned Air: In Which We Once Again Consider Atmosphere

Perhaps the best way to begin a conversation about atmosphere is to talk about what it isn’t. This is, in fact, exactly how Charlotte Mason goes about it: Our motto is, — ‘Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.’ When we say that education is an atmosphere, we do not mean that a child […]

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International Space Station at 20: A Photo Tour

The fully assembled International Space Station is a wonder of engineering. But its fully completed elements only occurred after a series of assembly flights from multiple countries. Here, we’ll take you on a brief tour of the space station elements.

Orion Spacecraft: Taking Astronauts Beyond Earth Orbit

NASA launched the first test flight of the Orion spacecraft in December 2014. A second flight will happen on the first uncrewed test of the Space Launch System rocket, with crewed missions scheduled to follow in the 2020s.

Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Chinese Flashcards for Kids

Chinese learning products are becoming increasingly popular, and I’m happy to see more Chinese resources on the market for kids!  Although many companies have reached out to me for review of their flashcards and learning resources, I have been re…

What Is a Spiral Galaxy?

A spiral galaxy has a distinct winding shape. Most of the galaxies observed by astronomers are spiral galaxies.

Pegasus, the Flying Horse, Marks Mid-Autumn Skies

Step outside this week between 6 and 8 p.m. local time and look overhead and toward the south to see one of the landmarks of the mid-autumn sky: the Great Square of Pegasus, the flying horse.

Thoughtworthy (Announcements, Upcoming Giveaway, TinTin and MORE!)

:: 1 :: No new posts around here this week because I had my head down while working on TMP: Too Many Projects. (Plus I had to survive the week!) Lots in the works — stay tuned for: First is the NEW winter Mother Culture Habit Tracker. My free tracker has been redesigned and is totally […]

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SS 45: Need Scholé? Just Add Joy!

If you have ever smelled smoke at your house and wondered if you were starting to burn out at this homeschooling thing, this episode is for you. Brandy was tempted to burnout early this year and so she and Mystie chatted about homeschooling, minimalism, and why sometimes adding something is a better approach that cutting back even more.     Thank you to our sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Start Here, the definitive starting place for studying Charlotte Mason. When … Read More

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Christmas Patchwork Pillow Pattern

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Hi everyone! I have another new Christmas pattern for you today! I’m calling this one my Christmas Patchwork Pillow! I love patchwork and Christmas patchwork is even better! And this pattern is not only super beginner friendly, but you can make it in just an a few hours! It would be a super cute way to add some holiday cheer…

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